Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

Announcement: Nymagee – A Day In The Dirt!

The Nymagee Outback Music Festival….a myth or a real event? – spoken of in hushed tones, whispered in secret corners and discussed in darkened rooms. Rumoured to be the birthplace of Country Rock n Roll and the festival from which the Re-Mains and the Lonely Horse Band and The FUGS have sprung…..yes it is real, in fact, like the sixties, if you havent been there then its impossible to explain anyway….this year, the action continues with the single day of frenzied activity…..its our 10th Birthday ! !The infamous festival site wedged between the industrial copper-slag heap and the radio-active green water storage still slumbers in its creative hibernation (still a mandatory walking trip for festival devotees)…..and the festival has moved like a ragged tweenager into the township proper. Multiple stages, new and improved artists, as well as the crusty old ones that you’ve come to know and love….all the important things remain – A Day in the Dirt ! ! – a festival for the artists, by the artisits – the conditions are bad but at least the pay is shit… use the ‘Contact Us’ page to find out how to get your name on the list and start packing your swag in preparation for Nymagee 09 – A Day in the Dirt, Saturday the 31st October.

For further information contact Andrew Hull 0427 919 964 0r Tonchi McIntosh 0447 144 405

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