Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

Suzannah Espie

“It’s not easy to deliver such traditional, cry-into-your-beer type stuff with enough personality to prevent it from sounding stale and awkward. Thanks to Espie’s golden tonsils, A Few More Days pulls it off, gracefully bridging the span between a rural Tennessee beer barn and a Melbourne pub.” Rhythms Magazine

“Suzannah Espie has proved beyond a doubt at ther album launch…that she’s got one hell of a voice and she’s not afraid to use it. Ranging from gentle ballads to flat-out soul belters that blew the lid off the joint. Suzannah and her band, the awesomely talented, tight and just right Last Word turned on one of the gigs of the year!” Cheap Thrills Magazine

“The live takes errupting with vitality, Espie’s voice swings between commanding and tender as she stamps her identity on a selection of covers and originals” Inpress Magazine

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