Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

The Junes

JunesTHE JUNES….what can you say….first thing that comes to mind are ‘MOB OF SPUNKS ! ! !”……they are a country swing supergroup formed in the wake of GIT and THE TOE SUCKING COWGIRLS, two of the finest female fronted bands in the land. Barely containing the talents of Sarah Carroll, Suzannah Espie and Gleny Rae Virus, THE JUNES write, sing and play with all the skill and style of their combined years in the business. These gals may travel around the country and around the world in other guises, singing other songs, but when THE JUNES get together, a cone of country power is raised wherever they are, and audiences are drawn to it like moths to a flame…….. helpless in the spell of the harmonies, the swing, and the sight of these beautiful women…..Beware the syrens outback farmers……

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