Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

The Lonely Horse Band

Nymagee - Lonely Horses Band

The Lonely Horse Band was an idea conceived at the 2006 Tamworth Country Music Festival by Andrew Hull, Tonchi McIntosh and Mick Daley. They quickly formed a loose collaboration intent on producing more original music relevant to the ‘One Horse Towns’ of Western NSW. A few beers later and the Lonely Horse Band was formed.

All three artists had a lot of goodwill invested in the Bi-Annual Nymagee outback Music Festival. This community then became the focus for the ‘Living Memory’ project which, after securing some funding from the CASP program, conducted three days of interviews and songwriting workshops in the village, resulting in the ‘Pomegranates and Peppercorn trees Album’

Two years later they repeated the process with the social benchmark ‘UNDERGROUND – A Living History of White Cliffs’. This year the trio are working with the Dorrigo community to tell their story – The Lonely Horse Band – Coming to a small town near you ! !

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