Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

The Re-mains


The Grand Poo-Bahs of Country Rock’n’Roll – and if you think you’re a fan and you haven’t seen them at Nymagee – forget it…indeed, some afficionado’s might argue that there is ONLY one place to see the Re-Mains perform….their last show has certainly done nothing to dispel that myth…..

With a strong rural touring ethic that has seem them play as many one horse towns as national festivals and inner city venues they’ve successfully straddled the daunting gap between country music and rock and roll with their banjo and pedal steel-fuelled dirt track ballads.

Freshly back from the high altitude climes and rockin good times of Canadia, they will be ready to reclaim their rightful position at front and centre… do not retire early…

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