Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

Who We Are

We are a music festival designed and operated by artists.
Professional musicians, some established, some about to explode on the national scene, donate their time and energy to create a day of musical celebrations for the bush folk of mid-western NSW.  Well known for its nearly decade of hard-times, drought and exodus of people, this area of Australia personifies the characters of the Australian Bush: resilient, generous with what little they have, hospitable and knowing how to let their hair down!  People of many cultures have been coming here to Wongaibon Country for the last 150 years in search of gold and riches of the earth. From Chinese tree cutters, Afghan camel drivers, Cornish miners, the Scottish, English, the Irish, the Greek and Italian, many people came and made this place their home. From once 5000 strong, the town now has a permanent population of little more than 30. But riches still abound.

We have found it in the people.

With scarce donations and good will, the festival is one time when the locals can enjoy top quality original singer songwriters and top shelf musicians from all around Australia. This is our way of helping in the only way we know how…making music. This year co-directors Andrew Hull and Tonchi McIntosh have assembled from amongst their friends a line-up that would be the envy of any music festival in Australia. What makes it more remarkable is that to put this show on would cost over $30,000 just in Artists fees, not including travel and accommodation. Nymagee Outback Music Festival is living proof that goodwill is still alive and well in Australia today. In co-ordination with the local CWA ladies and their annual flower show, the progress association and appreciative locals, we are looking forward to again bringing a crowd of people to this old ghost town, bringing much appreciated entertainment and economic input. It would be great to see you there on Oct 31st when the Bald Hills again resound with the words, melodies and rhythms of great Australian music. Tell your friends, bring a swag and everything you need to survive. We have water, food, great times guaranteed, and a chance to be a part of a beautiful vibe in a beautiful setting.

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