Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

Announcement: Nymagee – Done & Dusted!

Nymagee rocks! The 2009 Nymage Outback Music festival is now done and dusted. If you were there for the ride, make a comment

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  1. fug lord

    Terrific pix Stephen…
    So many top photos taken this year.

  2. Hully and Tonchi and all your friends and sponsors: you are legends!

    A Day in the Dirt was a remarkable achievement. And heaps of fun. A credit to you and all who attended, visitors like me from far afield and “locals” from Cobar who were so welcoming … and keen to drink.

    I really hope you think it was worth the effort … because I want to come again next year.

    I took a lot of photos. Some which appear here. I hope they give a sense of what a great day it was. Strength to your arms. Stephen


  3. Kevin Rudd

    I would just like to comment on the directorship of the Nymagee Outback Dirt Music Festival Day. It has come to my attention that the fantastic organisational abilities of the Directors of this Outback Nymagee Dirty Day Festival should be rewarded by the Australian Public, Federal Government and myself. I thereby have short-listed the above mentioned Directorial management of the Dry Dirt Nymagee Outback Show for an Order of Australia and recommended to the caucus that a spot on the backbench should be set aside for the highly motivated and stupendously competent Directional Directors, forthwith ad nauseum so the Federal Government can learn from these awe-inspiring Directoriationsional Directors…thanks you and vote Labor …KR

  4. max

    Need more sleeps……. Big cheers for Hully and those that are holding the faith (the talent) and making this an unforgettable experience. Well the bits I can remember!

    To the dirty little creature that pinched Draney’s swag I hope i catch up with you one day. It’s creepy little thieves like you that need to be interviewed around the head and face. Weak bastard.

    Otherwise we all came through unscathed and better for the music, new friends and more great stories.

    Another coloured in page in my life. Leave no page un-coloured!

    See you all next year…

  5. max

    TWO MORE SLEEPS!!!!!!!!!!

    OH boy oh boy oh boy, I been practicing till my liver is JUST RIGHT!

  6. me and hully just visited nymagee and met with the locals who are very happy we are all coming back.

    the current publican gestured towards where we set up the stage and said ‘do whatever you want’.

    this year the local horse gymkhana committee is providing a bbq lunch and dinner to raise enough to put on this years event, which will otherwise fold if it weren’t for your patronage.

    the flower show is on again in the old town hall. awesome!

    the pub still sells honey – the best we’ve ever tasted! one bucket (a years supply) is only $18.. grab one and support the local bee man and family.

    dont forget to help clean up any litter when we finished, otherwise that old doubled barrel shotgun i saw over the fireplace might get waved around!

    its so good to involved in something so fun and appreciated, warms them old cockles!

    camping is free, well we couldn’t charge for a patch of red dirt could we! showers and loos kindly provided by progress association again, or the hose and drop dunny at the ‘malley hen’ are still there.

    there are allot of kind people who live in the district. you will love the vibe!

    see you there!


  7. Draney

    Looking forward to it from past reports – great location – good fun – & lot’s of country rock’n’roll, count me in as a first timer… I’ll be taking the Nikon and also plan to take some video to post on the website after the dust has settled. Bring it on!