Nymagee Outback Music Festival – A Day In The Dirt

Festival History

The Nymagee festival has been running bi-annually since 1999 with an ever-growing audience and group of devoted artists. The spin offs are beginning to show, with Nymagee winning a tourism NSW award in 2006 as well as a listing in NSW high school text books as an example of the way in which small remote communities can re-invent themselves. In 2008  a sister festival ‘Blue Surf, Red Dust’ sprung up in Newcastle to raise awareness of the bush and to attract people to Nymagee. Artists from that festival made the long trip out to lend support to the 1 day bush event.

For those not familiar with the event it has been the birthplace for what is affectionately called ‘Country Rock n Roll’ with the iconic journeymen of Australian Country rock the Re-Mains calling Nymagee their spiritual birthplace, more recently the Lonely Horse Band have credited the remote village with their impetus for their development, there are many more examples in-between. Historically a 3-4 day event held at the festival grounds on the outskirts of the Nymagee (population 20) in what is virtually the geographic middle of NSW, in the tri-angular centre of Cobar, Nyngan and Condobolin, the festival is now held in the town centre. A free community event that combines the local CWA flower show and other important local events. The town brings together old friends, and like all good parties, makes the introductions for many new artists with audiences, and with Western NSW.

The first Nymagee Festival was held 10 years ago making this year a bit of a milestone – yes, its a birthday bash…..still alive through drought, rural recession, changing governements, war, financial crisis…you name it – the festival endures…..

More information coming soon.

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